Style Cue | The Off-Duty Model

Lately, I’ve been inspired by the likes of Cara Delvingne, Lily Aldridge and Kendall Jenner – because who wouldn’t want to look like a model right? Effortless, chic, and always ready for a picture, that’s the off-duty model style. Now stay with me, I am by no means a model, but I’ve been taking notes and I’ve found a few tricks that can get average girls like me pretty close [lol]. Here are 5 easy ways to get off-duty model style.






Tousled hair.

It’s cool, it’s wavy it … hasn’t touched a comb or flat iron. No really, model hair is always very messy-chic, with little to no maintenance. Try letting your natural curl pattern make an appearance for a day. If your hair is straight, use a curling rod or flat iron to put in a few beach-y waves. And for a no-heat option messy ballet buns or ponytails with a few fly-aways will do the trick.

Black, Navy, Gray.

Neutrals are your friends. They keep you looking streamline and allow your natural beauty to stand out. Models wear a lot of solids to their go-sees [auditions for jobs] and that has majorly influenced their street style. The best part: neutrals look great on everyone, Boom!

Accessories matter.

A great hat, cool sneakers, or an awesome pair of sunshades can easily transform your look. I always feel the fiercest in my dark Ray Ban sunnies. You’ll notice models don’t wear too many accessories just something to spice up their daily style. So keep it simple, choose an accessory you love right now and flaunt it.

Cara Delevingne NYFW 14

Perfect your pose.

Take pictures, practice in the mirror, and learn your best angles. Let us not forget that these girls do this for a living, but us regular girls need a little practice. Practicing a comfortable pose at home will get you better photos when you’re out, because we all know if there’s no good pictures it never happened! Try being photographed slightly away from the camera, with your arms away from my body.


Confidence is key.

In the words of Queen Bey “I woke up like this”. You know you’re beautiful so why not exude that same confidence? Enough said. Now go take on the world!


What’s your favorite thing about model style? 

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.15.59 PM

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