Tucson, AZ


Wheels up! Three weeks of traveling will make you tired to say the least. But this trip… I had no time for sleeping. I had an interview for a news producer position. Not my dream job, nor my dream city but, an “in” to the industry. I thought maybe it could someday lead to my dream job in my dream city — New York. Confused yet? Long story short: all through college I planned and prepared to become a news reporter and eventually an anchor. [think: CNN, NewYork, bomb ass penthouse] That’s not too much to ask for!IMG_0153





But as I’ve grown up my goals have changed, hell my personality has changed and traditional news just isn’t in my heart. This trip to Tucson and a recent book I was reading solidified those nagging thoughts in my head — music, fashion, film those are the things I’m most passionate about. Knowing all of this, I still took the interview in stride. Inside I was planning for a new adventure, figuring out the next step in my career, and anxious about the unknown. And honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.


How many of you are chasing your dreams? If not do it now!


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