Styling Notes: Wear Your Denim Shorts This Fall

Yes, fall is upon us but, don’t be too quick to put up your denim cut-offs just yet.

If your weather is anything like Texas’ you’ll definitely still need your denim shorts. And let’s face it you’ve spent all summer looking for the perfect pair so why not put them to good [and stylish] use!? So, I’ve compiled my favorite ways to transition your denim cut-offs from summer to fall. Let me know what you think!

Wear a sweater.Sweater2

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re going against some fashion rule by wearing the two together… that’s what transitioning is about people! Note: if it’s still warm in your city then opt for a light-weight sweater that goes off the should and roll up your sleeves to keep it casual.

Style with booties.Booties2

Do you want long legs? Well hello, put on some booties! Note: Because you’ll be baring a lot of leg, try not to wear your denim shorts too tight or short. It’s all about the fit!

Socks2Add socks or tights.Socks1

This is my go-to way to wear denim shorts in the fall because you can really play up your legs and make it fun! Note: If your goal is to slim your legs try black opaque tights.

Bring in the Outerwear.Outer1

Nothing says fall chic like great outer wear. Whether it’s a blazer, trench coat, or a leather jacket, this is a key piece in transitioning those summer shorts into the new season. Note: You’re transitioning into fall not winter, so make sure the outerwear isn’t too heavy.



And last layer. Fall is all about adding extra pieces to your look so that as the day goes on you’re ready for whatever. A great scarf, some jewelry, make it your own! Note: Sunshades make every outfit a little chicer. :p

How are you wearing your denim shorts this fall? 

XO,  -MJ

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