Currently Craving: Fall Nail Polish


            If you know me then you’re well aware of what I call “Primp Sundays”. I put on some music, grab all of my materials (nail polish, remover, shampoo, etc), and I close the door to my room. It’s just some well needed “me” time that I set aside once a week. Nothing personal, but I like to shut the world off, refresh – and beautify. And lucky for everyone else, they don’t have to see me look like a gremlin!

            My favorite part of primping is polishing my nails. Polished nails always leave me feeling “done-up” even if I’m [not]. So for this post I decided to highlight the fall colors I‘ll be adding to my polish party at home.

            Fall colors this season are unlike what we’ve seen in the past. Still cool tones, but with a pastel twist. Soft and feminine contrary to past years, yet still strong which is what we expect from fall. Take a look and tell me what you think.












Radiant Orchid




Nails 3.


What colors are you looking  forward to wearing this fall? Leave me a note! XO


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