Easy Spring Cleaning!

Hello Friends!

I wasn’t able to go home and visit my mom for the holiday weekend, but I did do something else very productive — a little spring cleaning! Don’t hate me, but I’m a neat freak and this was actually very therapeutic for me.

Now, I don’t want to sound like you Mom, but the time has come. So, if you haven’t gotten around to it. I hope this post will motivate you to start your spring cleaning extravaganza! [over the top?] I mean, let’s face it summer is right around the corner [two weeks] and you’re gonna need room for crop tops and jumpsuits. So, lets get started.



  • Put on your favorite music.  What could be more motivating than blasting Rihanna and singing at the top of my lungs? Nothing.
  • Gather up your biggest bags. I would say  3-5 large bags if you haven’t cleaned in a while. Old Steve Madden shoppers work awesome. They hold a lot, they’re durable and FREE.
  • Take notes as you go. Need a new basic crew neck now that you’ve thrown it out? Write it down. It’ll be way less frustrating to go shopping knowing what you need.

Cleaning: (The challenge)

Dive your clothes into three different separate piles.

  • Keep: These clothes can go back in your closet after you ask yourself — “Do I wear this?”, “When’s the last time I wore it?” and “Would I wear it today?” It doesn’t necessarily have to be your “go-to” piece, but if you have not worn something in over a year chances are you will not wear it again. Trends change so fast, but your classic/vintage pieces will always be wearable so. Aside from that they need to be appropriate for your lifestyle, which means they fit and you will get wear out of it.
  • Repair: Some things fit (which I’ll discuss in a future post) and you love them, but they just need a little TLC(fixed, hemmed, dry cleaned). So throw them in a bag and put them in the back of your car, that way you can drop them off sometime during you day.
  • Donate/ Sell: The thing about selling your clothes is that they need to be in season and in god condition or no one will buy, not even the resale shops. So inspect them, and if all else fails they will just tell you no. Otherwise, those who are less fortunate would love to have your things, trust me. Be a good samaritan and drop them off at your nearest Salvation Army.

This could be your closet…

Clean closet elle


Courtesy of Elle.com


Tell me how you get your own Spring Cleaning done, I can always use new techniques!




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