Happy Mother’s Day: A Note to My “Momma”

Hey guys!

I hope that everyone had an awesome Mother’s Day Weekend. To all of you who are mothers, thank you. The love that a mother has for her children is like no other. You all go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that your loved ones are always taken care of and for that we should all be forever grateful. So I hope that you were treated like royalty today, because you deserve that [and so much more].

Here is my letter to my mother and a few of my favorite photos of us. Enjoy!

Mommy, Momma, Mom, Ms. Jackson,

              Let me first say thank you. I love you more than words can explain. You’ve sacrificed so much for our family    and have never complained even when we did. You are kind, intelligent, resilient, and beautiful inside and out. You inspire me to be as successful and classy as you. You motivate me to be strong and push through whatever may be going on in my life. When I feel things are out of control or I just want to vent you never fail to answer my call and talk me through my situation. And for these impromptu therapy sessions you should have been getting paid. I admire you and I pray that I can give my daughter the same upbringing that you’ve given me. I am forever in your debt for the unconditional love that you just keep on giving me.

I love you.


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